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POWER UP JACKET is designed to make you feel powerful and comfortable at the same time. It is produced using a modal blend, very soft textured, tough and flowing fabric that will make you happy to the touch. You will love the POWER UP JACKET, which adapts to every environment, from office to weekend breakfasts, from meetings to friends meetings.

  • It is produced using a very soft textured fabric, thus providing a high level of comfort.
  • Thanks to its tough and thick fabric, it does not show through.
  • It doesn't sweat.
  • It does not smell.

This product is produced using a very special and unique fabric. For this reason, it is very important to use it in accordance with the maintenance recommendations in order to keep the wear at a minimum level.

To use like new for many years:

  • Keep friction to a minimum with external elements such as hard-surfaced bags and jackets.
  • Prefer lined coats and hand-held bags in your combinations, we do not recommend using handbags with the products in the POWER UP series.
  • We recommend that you wash it by hand or in the machine at 30 degrees delicate setting, by turning it upside down, using a wash bag if possible, with similar products and colors.
  • Do not wash the product with products such as denim, wool, which lint or leave lint.
  • Not suitable for dry cleaning.
  • Hang to dry, do not use a dryer.
  • The contact of your hard-textured jewelry with the product may cause hairiness and thread pulling, we recommend that you consider this when making your jewelry selections.
  • It is normal for the product to have streaks due to use.
Fabric content: %50 Modal, %44 Polyester, %6 Elastane

Model dimensions:
  • Artwork is 172 cm, 52 kg, wearing XS.
NOT: Problems that you may experience if you do not follow the maintenance instructions are not covered by our warranty. Deformations can be observed in the size and form of the product in case of bleaching in the case of the use of fabric softener and drying in the dryer. In addition, the products can be used for hard textured bags, jackets, socks, etc. Problems such as hair growth caused by contact with the product are also excluded from the warranty.